This is a unique armchair designed by Sandro Lopez. It shows the combination between traditional woodworking and the contemporary reality of the digital. The result is this unique-looking armchair which is great for your interior.

Finalist in the 2012 “Wood Awards” organized by the Swiss Association of Carpenters and Craftsmen, the concept behind Creek armchair is to fabricate a wooden design with a contemporary language. The continuous presence of wood in our living environments throughout history is a result of its interesting characteristics and qualities, its aesthetic beauty, its warm feel, its mechanical features and its environmental advantages but most of all what has really permitted wood to be the material of choice for designers and inventors, is its ability to adapt to each era’s zeitgeist and aesthetics. Today, with the advent of information technology, once again designers and creators are using techniques in order to cross over the gap between the traditional world of woodworking and the contemporary reality of the digital. The Creek armchair is born in this context.

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