This is an amazing design by Gianluca, Edoardo and Matteo called Pelty. The idea comes when Gianluca want to create the right mood for his elegant dinner with his fiancĂ©e using bluetooth speaker. But the bluetooth speaker is just an ugly thing made of plastic and need long wires to charge it when out of power. Thanks to Peltier effect, this bluetooth speaker can be powered with romantic candle under it. Isn’t this great? You can see the video here. More description by designers:

Pelty represents a technological revolution in the high-quality audio speakers’ market. Pelty is innovative and unique in the world because it is powered exclusively by a wax candle. Thanks to a patented technology based on the Peltier effect, it transforms the thermal energy of the fire of a candle into electric energy able to turn on the speaker and amplify the music. The wireless bluetooh technology and the total absence of wires make of Pelty an object of complicated technological design.

Its line, essential and elegant, with a taste of pure Made in Italy, makes of Pelty a device that combines advanced technology and a very accurate choice of artisanal quality materials like ceramic and glass.

The possibility to personalize it in many different colors satisfies every taste. The total absence of batteries and electric energy makes it eco-friendly; thanks to the simplicity of its use, you can bring Pelty everywhere a unique and embracing atmosphere is needed: fire, music, and Italian excellence altogether.

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