With smart technology and design, LivingLight by Michael Oechsle provides a unique experience for your kitchen and dining room. You only need to refill the water some times and it will work by itself, no need to plug it into a power socket.

Living Light is a modular, multifunction luminaire and hanging garden for the dining and kitchen area. This product allows fresh produce to be nurtured and enjoyed within the home, while the moist soil is used as an ‘earth battery’ to power OLED lighting. The glow of these lighting fixtures creates a unique ambient experience as the plants are highlighted and cast shadows on the surface below. Smart lighting technology means the lights only function once natural light levels are low, providing a multi-sensory cooking and dining experience that is unobtrusive and intuitive. The key ideal behind the LivingLight concept is the the notion of authenticity – and object that doesn’t need to plug into a wall to work, but instead relies on the ingenuity and beauty of nature to enhance the experiences in the ‘heart of the home’.

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