This is a beautiful lamp by Oblikus. It has two sides where the light come out. You can control this light by using your smartphone or simply turn the dimmer. When you dim this lamp, it will gradually dim the front and back light, resulting a beautiful effect like the phases of the moon. You can see the video here. More Description by Oblikus:

MoonLight is an interactive wall LED lamp designed to produce endless possibilities when playing with lights, shadows and creating beautiful atmosphere.

MoonLight concept involves three different sizes, each one of them having two sets of diodes. Turning the dimmer proportionally increases and decreases the front and back light. When the light shifts occur, the diffuser, which is installed inside, redirects the light towards the observer with the impression that the light is moving through the object. The dimmer cover is centered and has a distinctive round dent, calling for interaction and also showing the position on this imaginary light scale.

In public spaces like airports, city squares and galleries, the lights can be manipulated using wireless technology through smartphone applications. Each user can choose a lamp and change the way it emits light and create a unique experience along with other people in the same space.

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