This is a sink by Gore Design Co. that will looks beautiful in your bathroom. The sink has erosion pattern that no two sink have the same pattern. With the white clean color, this sink is an elegant and beautiful piece for your bathroom. More description by Gore Design Co.:

The Erosion Sink is a defining design for Gore Design Co. First created for a client in 2004 and shortly thereafter published in Dwell Magazineā„¢, the Erosion Sink remains special to us. Each one is unique, no two are the same. All aspects of this topographic sink can be customized, from color and size to the shape and layout of the erosion pattern. Brandon Gore personally creates each concrete Erosion Sink, spending more than 40 hours on the form and 200-300% more time hand-finishing the cast sink. This design is often imitated but never duplicated as the essence and nuance cannot be gained by impersonation.

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