The Bank of China Tower is a skycrapers building in central Hong Kong, exactly at 1 Garden Road, in Central and Western District on Hong Kong Island. Designed by I. M. Pei(Ieoh Ming Pei), the winner of Pritzker Prize, it houses the headquarters for the Bank of China in Hong Kong. It is 305 metres or about 1,000.7 ft of height with 72 floor on it. If the two masts of the building included for the calculation of the height, it reaching 367.4 metres or about 1205.4 ft. Because the high, the building became the tallest building in Hong Kong and Asia from 1989 to 1992. But now the building become the fourth tallest bui9lding in Hong Kong. On the 43rd floor of the building, there is a small observation deck wich open to the public.

The building using structural expressionism style in a form of growing bamboo shoots, symbolising livelihood and prosperity. There are five steel columns at the corners of the building to supports the whole structure of the building. The triangular frameworks uses to transfer the weight of the structure onto the five columns. For the exterior, it covered by glass curtain walls.

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