The Austrian Postal Savings Bank is a building for Österreichische Postsparkasse(a postal savings bank in Austria, owned by the Austrian Mail and thus by the government) designed by Otto Wagner. It start the construction in 1904 and finish it in 1912. Located at Vienna, Austria, the building has an early modern style with reinforced concrete and glass as the construction system. This building is an important building as Wagner’s first move from Art Nouveau and Neoclassicism to modern architecture.

The idea of the building is to celebrate modern materials by developing new forms. the facade of the building covered by square marble plates with iron bolts to attach the plates. The aluminum caps added to the bolts to make it like an ornament. The marble plates also makes the cleaning and maintenance of the facade become easier and inexpensive. The aluminum caps and the simple design makes the sense of a strong, impenetrable bank in which customers would know their money was safe.

The hall designed with a large glass skylight, makes the sun light can enter to the building, also reduced the cost of electric lighting. Not only the exterior, the interior of the building has a simple design using only glass and polished steel as materials, makes an elegant design but simple.

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