The Art Warehouse designed by A31 Architecture is a workshop built in Boeotia, Greece. It built in a 4000 m2 plot for a painter and sculptor Alexandros Liapis. The structure of the building is a shell and completed in three separate phases. It using reinforced concrete as material of the structures. The roof formed dome, create a style which timeless from antiquity to Modernism.

The workshop has 3 main areas. First is the the cantilever with the balcony in the South, contained the entrance to the building. Second is the artist workspace. It has a big space to create a free and peaceful sense of place. The last area is an attic in the North, used as a storage space. The staircase model is amazing. It looks light but strong, looks like each stair floating on the air. There is no grip on the staircase, give a freely exhibition views from the stairs to the works.

Photographs by Yiannis Hadjiaslanis
src: Contemporist

Tags: Architecture, Art Warehouse, Building, Concrete, House, Modernism, Reinforced concrete,