Oh, how technology has changed so much! With the induction charging technology combined with levitating effect by magnets, this lamp become like a magic lamp. It was designed by Simon Morris to create a new light bulb that will give a new experience. The result is this amazing levitating lamp that can be lit on by placing it over the base. You can support this lamp on this Kickstarter page. More description by Simon Morris:

The Light Bulb has been considered the most important invention since man-made fire but not so much has changed in design since Edison’s time 135 years ago. We’d like to change this, so we’ve designed a new way to experience your light. One which is free from the constraints of gravity.

Flyte is a levitating light. A light bulb which hovers by magnetic levitation and
is powered wirelessly through the air. There are no batteries and its low voltage LEDs makes it completely safe and harmless.

We’ve combined Tesla laws of induction with Edison’s signature bulb packed some sensors and hardware into the coolest lamp ever! Flyte is the result of years of research using magnetic levitation and induction technologies. It’s a screwless light bulb and will remain floating in the air endlessly. Not only does it levitate, but it will rotate continuously with almost no friction. Edison and Tesla are finally friends.

Each base is elegantly designed, crafted in Sweden from sustainable oak, ash and walnut. The hardware and electronics consist of an electro-magnetic base, sensors and a power adapter. It is completely battery-free and will make your friends think you’ve just earned your magician’s license.

The base can also charge your smartphone through wireless technology. Just place your mobile phone over the base and boom you phone will charge. 3rd party reciever is requred.

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