This is an amazing lamp designed by Studio Cheha. Even tough it looks like a real 3D shape, but actually it is a 2D flat shape. It made of acrylic glass with wire-frame image to make it looks like a 3D. More description by Studio Cheha:

BULBING is an OPTICAL ILLUSION versatile LED lamp that tricks your eye and challenges your mind!

The Rules Just Changed
Before scientific and technological breakthroughs, many believed the world was flat. Now, thanks to these two forces the world is in fact becoming considerably flatter, at least in the land of product design!

Introducing BULBING, a 2D LED lamp that forces you to rethink your everyday objects and raise a smile.

The Designer
I am a product designer that works to preserve the old and the familiar and translate it into the “New World.” Bulbing is a development of my earlier works, using 3D wire-frame images and transferring them onto 2D materials, to create functional and delicate design pieces that trick the eye!

What Makes Bulbing Unique?
~ BULBING is an elegant light that will add a COOL DESIGN element to any room.
~ What appears to be 3D is in fact 2D making it functional and helping you to SAVE SPACE.
~ You can surprise friends and family with the element of OPTICAL ILLUSION!
~ VERSATILE use for the whole family, it can even be a fun piece for the kid’s at night.
~ BULBING uses a warm LED light, which is ENERGY-EFFICIENT, lasts up to 50,000 hours, and doesn’t overheat.
~ It is available with CHANGEABLE designs, so you can choose a light to suit your mood.

Made with Love
BULBING has been made combining man-made fibres, natural materials, and both machinery and artisan handwork, which unite to create design harmony.

The changeable design is made from an acrylic glass sheet, which is known for its incredible light transmitting properties (more than glass and plastic!) The base, is made from high-quality plywood birch. And the light is LED, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours, a warm glow, and won’t get hot.

The Process
By combining machine work with hand-crafting, the wooden base is cut using a CNC machine, which is then finished by hand: sanding the wood and applying a varnish.

The acrylic glass design is created using a laser machining process.

All circuitry is wired, adhering to the highest electric standards. Upon placing the acrylic glass design in the lamp’s base (where the LED is positioned), the light breaks through the etched surface.

Changeable Designs
I have designed this lamp to be changeable, all you need to do is lift out the 2D shape from the base and replace it with a new design, keeping the product ever-changing to suit the room, person, or mood.

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