This is a beautiful hand carved candle designed by Natalia Burikov. This candle is perfect for a Christmas gift, especially for women. It was made using a complicated 16th century technique where she need to carve it in 15 minutes before the candle cool down and hardens. The result is this amazing and beautiful candle that will beautify your room. More description by Natalia Burikov:

Carved candles are created according to the 16th century technology. This candle is a stunning unique carved candle, which is a piece of art even when it is not burning. And when it is, it floods the room with soft and colorful light coming from its numerous curves. The height of this carved candle 6.7 inches (17 cm), weight about 1.3 pounds (700grams). Estimated burn time for a candle – 80 hours.

The roots of manufacturing carved candles dates back to the 16th century, when the elegant BAROQUE period evolved and created amazing masterpieces. The technique of creating a carved candle is quite complicated, but the results are always worth the effort:

1. The first step is to dip the cast of hard paraffin into liquid colorful paraffin. It is necessary to monitor the temperature of the liquid paraffin during the dipping. If the paraffin is not hot enough, it will harden too fast and it will make it impossible for you to carve it.

2. The second step is the actual carving. This is the most creative and fascinating part of the candle preparation – now the artist’s imagination will be unleashed and fascinating shapes will be brought to reality. Carving a candle can be done only with special tools. The artist needs to decide on the design in advance, in order for his motions to be quick and exact, since one has only a quarter of hour before the candle cools down and hardens.

3. The third and the last step is to dip the carved candle into a special acrylic lacquer in order to create shine and protect the prepared candle from the outer cold and hot damages, as well as from the dust accumulation.
The result is a stunning unique candle, a truly masterpiece even when it is not burning. When you light out a carved candle, the room will be flooded with soft and colorful light due to its numerous curves.

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