This amazing and unique closet is designed by Janis Straupe from TRUE Latvia. Inspired by beetle bug, this closet is sure not only an ordinary closet but also a piece of art. The sculpture fused with the closet to provide a full functionality without interfering each other. The result is this amazing closet that will make your room looks more interesting. More description by TRUE Latvia:

A beetle-closet? Combining the unthinkable is one of the greatest challenges and sources of inspiration for the Latvian designer Janis Straupe. The idea for the creation of the BUG comes from a stroll along the seaside, when the artist accidentally stumbled upon the puny leaf-eater roaming the sandy shore. From this moment a storm of ideas was born and a search for a solution began, with the aim of creating a masterpiece capable of mesmerising the viewer by a smooth and seamless design in combination with extraordinary functionality. The outcome is this unique closet, a one of a kind item the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

This very combination of the functional and visual elements make the BUG a piece of art, rather than just a piece of furniture. Its outer shape is formed from gently curved lines, while the areas in-between are filled with elegant, hollowed spaces that resemble the windblown sand of the seaside or the wavy patterns of the seabed. The closet can be perceived as an ode to the beetle, for looking at the BUG is comparable to gazing at a portrait of a king dressed in a purple mantle. Janis Straupe has truly succeeded in capturing his flash of his inspiration and the BUG is nothing less than the perfect representation of this moment.

Besides serving as a focal point of discussions among your guests, the BUG can be used for storing all sorts of items, as the shelves and the drawers within come in many different shapes and sizes. The layout of the shelves can also be changed to better suit your personal needs. Additionally, the BUG may also serve as a secure hiding place, because it contains two built-in “hidden” compartments as well.

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