These are some amazing chair concepts that will be great if they become true. They were designed by Haris Jusovic from everyday objects. The result is amazing. You can see a beautiful butterfly, a weird but unique cracked egg, a yummy chocolate bar, a classic and elegant phone, and a fun basketball, all turned into chairs. More description by Haris Jusovic:

“My secretary”
is a armchair that symbolizes an easy job. I want people to accept this sculpture as a friend. I want them to be happy, smiling and careless, sitting in secretary’s lap. I want them to play with “her” and feel like:
Wife: Where have you been all night?
Husband: Oh, with my Secretary! We had a great time together:)

“Greetings from Flower”
represents a form of a stylized butterfly. It is characterized by aesthetic balance, visual simplicity and the idea that reminds us of something that is a part of our everyday life.

“Chicken Chair”
aims to surprise the viewer. Its uniqueness is reflected in its visual attractiveness and artistic stamp. The chair symbolizes the birth and continuation of life.

“Chocolate factory”
is a chair made of chocolate:) This illustration aims to be sweet and eatable, not to shock, not to fascinate because it’s different from other chocolate chairs. It aims to be loved.

“Shut up Coach!”
That is the name of a chair every basketball coach should have on the court, because it is very popular sport and all we expect is well done game. When we are talking about football, there is not such a problem because of the field size players do not hear the screaming and freaking from the bench. In basketball this chair should be like a present from the audience, that says:
-Couch, sit the hell there, make yourself comfortable and let the boys play their game.

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