This is a wall mounted shower designed by Diego Grandi and Giacomo Nanni from Zucchetti. This overhead shower allows you to adjust it into the position you want. You can bring the head closer to you, tilt it or rotate, these allow you to change the direction of the stream to any direction you want, even up. If you don’t like the black finish, you can the chrome finish. More description by Zucchetti:

Closer, the revolution of movement. Innovative product, design and communication. In this way Zucchetti reinvents the everyday ritual.

A creative and functional reimagining of the shower column, that recalls the aesthetics of a lamp. Diego Grandi imagines this way Closer, the new shower head: dynamic, flexible and iconic.

A simple system designed with three joints, that ensure a multi-directional movement to control and direct the jet of water.

Video cartoons and a dedicated mini website make you discover the most eclectic of Zucchetti’s recent creations.

“Movement was an essential concept for me right from the start, to the extent that I always imagined this piece set in the centre of the room, so that the whole environment becomes the water’s space, not just a certain part of it,” Diego Grandi said.

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