This is an unusual and smart shelving system by Sebastian Errazuriz. This shelf consist of wooden wall with parts that can be lowered as you need. The lowered parts will create a space while the other will act as a frame. More description by Sebastian Errazuriz:

The Piano Shelf offers a flexible wooden wall that can be adapted to its user’s needs. By lowering each individual section, a shelf surface is created and a rectangle of empty space appears in the wall, framing whatever is placed on the shelf. Made from native wood and hand crafted over several months, the design demanded the teach of the hundreds of pieces was regulated individually with a hidden tiny screw to ensure that each was perfectly leveled. An old wood worker that assists Errazuriz, after looking at the first finished prototype, announced with pride that he would go home and tell his wife that instead of a wood worker he was now a piano-tuner or clock maker.

From then on the shelf would appropriately be called “The Piano Shelf.” Originally designed in 1997, the Piano shelf has remained a signature example of Errazuriz’s simple paradigm-shifting creativity.

The Piano Shelf is a limited edition piece which is individually signed and numbered. It is made exclusively upon request in 8, 10, and 12 foot versions. It is available in white, dark chocolate brown, and natural varnished wood. The prototype of the Piano Shelf was presented for the first time in Basel in 2007, and was then exhibited in its new white version at the Design Miami fair.

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