Inspired by wheelbarrow, Martin Saar from ONEMANDUO designed this unusual lounge chair called Rapide for Borg. It looks unusual with its curvy shape, contemporary design and big wheels. Just like a real wheelbarrow, the oversized wooden wheels allow you to move this lounge chair easily. More description by ONEMANDUO:

Rapide is a lounge chair that mixes the forms of the golden age with contemporary functionality. Its details, inspired by a wheelbarrow, give it the ability to be comfortably moved around according to need. Rapide’s wooden legs, oversized wheels and handle convey a warm presence, making it a chair that perfectly translates from public to domestic interiors. Its swift yet inviting character offers high levels of comfort and allows for a relaxed posture. Designed by Martin Saar (ONEMANDUO) for Borg.

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