These are lamps collection by Meike Harde, lamps that made of disposable cups. More information from Meike Harde:

Generally disposable dishes have a very short lifetime.
In fact they are thrown away after the first use. Nevertheless disposable cups usually have such a good quality and stiffness that they can be used more times.

The lights Lichtschlucker work with disposable cups, which normally have a very short lifetime. The different models show the great variety of shapes by different arrangement of cups.
Simple drinking cups are tied to balls or ring-formations, the Italien color intensive and ornamental cups are connected to create lenses, cylinders, bowl-forms or molecule structures as well as free mixed shapes.

Lichtschlucker offers disposable dishes a permanent life as a decorative lamp shade. The ecological aspect consists in the fact that a disposable product is converted into a durable and functional furnishing.

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