Designed by Michael and George, this lamp will be an interesting piece in your room. HB Lamp is an unusual lamp that mimic the shape of pencil, only much bigger. The light comes from the “eraser” part and you can draw a “line” by using the cable that comes out from the tip. HB Lamp comes in two size, a big one for your floor and the small one for your desk. More description by Michael and George:

The HB Lamp is the debut product from Michael & George and the first in our ‘Stationery Objects’ range. A made to order design piece that aims to elicit a smile and illuminate your room.

After years of creative service bringing light bulb moments to life, we’ve given the humble pencil a light bulb of its very own. Scribble on your walls and floors, get creative and add some fun to any space.

Entirely designed and made in the UK from cedar, hand spun brass and hand blown glass ensuring a quality product with fine attention to detail right down to the solid cedar body expertly crafted in the same way as a traditional pencil.

With the option to add special pencil box packaging perhaps as a gift for someone special or just because a giant pencil box is a fun thing to have!

The HB Lamp is available in traditional yellow OR there is the opportunity to customise and personalise. This may be based on personal taste, decorative style or company branding. The possibilities are endless!

A lot of love is put in to making each and every HB Lamp and we hope to inspire lightbulb moments in everyone who comes into contact with the HB Lamp.

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