This is an unique wall-clock designed by J.P.Meulendijks from Plankton that uses optical illusion to create something interesting. This clock designed with numbers that will dissolved when you walking away from the clock. You can see the video here or buy it here.

This big bamboo wall clock will catch your eye by changing shape when you walk around it.When you stand in front of the clock: the numbers are clear and visible. When you walk around it: numbers slowly dissolve, and seem to fall apart in little floating white balls. This optical illusion results in a striking and intriguing piece of wall-art. Inspired by “MOTION CAPTURE” technique used in movies such as” Lord of the rings”+”Avatar”

-Clockface finished in matted black, causing the bright white balls to seemingly float in mid-air.
-Clock-hands finished in glossy black so they are subtile visible. against the matted black background.

material : Bamboo.
dimensions: diameter: 600 mm. height: 20 mm.
retail-price: 186,00 Euro ( 247,00 USD) exc.

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