This is a unique table designed by Kompaniet. It has a unique surface with hollows that looks like it was scooped out. Maybe you start thinking, how can we use this table with uneven surface? The answer is you can, but with special tableware that comes with this table. Maybe you can’t put your ordinary coffee mug, but still this table will be great in your dining room or maybe living room. More description by Kompaniet:

In more and more homes, dinner is had in front of the TV, in the company of the computer or standing by the kitchen counter while talking on the phone. The sit-down meal, at the set table, appears to be losing both time and attention. This fact reflects the times we live in in many ways. Streamlining is central to our society. The meal thereby often means doing something else while you eat.

Through new, exciting physical objects I want to stimulate and encourage people to return to sitting down during meals. Through my own examinations and by drawing inspiration from other cultures, I want to create a place in the home that is inviting and which offers and reminds you of the meal as a moment unto itself.

I want to create a new, tasty dining experience.

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