This is a unique children’s lamp designed by Javier Herrero for BUOKIDS. This table lamp has a form of tipi, a tent used by nomadic Native Americans tribe of the Great Plains in North America. The tipi tent shape will brings your kid into wild west world, playing like cowboy in the old days. More description by Javier Herrero:

The fascinating and inexhaustible Wild West iconography’s, was the one which inspired us to create this collection of children’s lamps based on tipis so that children can keep on dreaming and playing…

Like the original tipis, which are in perfect harmony between the Man and Nature, this simple lamp is also completely made of natural materials and traditional processes.

The delicate embroidered work with both children’s and elegant graphics should be highlighted. They are obviously inspired by the Indian motifs although they are simplified and updated in order to achieve a visual language which is both fresh and up-to-date.

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