This is a unique sofa designed by Fredrikson Stallard for his Momentum Collection. It was made from Polyurethane, Glass fibre, and Polyester. The result is this red sofa that looks like a real rock. If it came with gray color, I think it will look more realistic. More description by Fredrikson Stallard:

‘Momentum’ comprises one off, edition and also transitory pieces that will only last for the duration of the event. The work bridges the realms of furniture, sculpture, product and print.

‘Momentum’ is a celebration of the experimental and the rigorous, the unique versus the mass produced, the importance of conceptual and creative development underlining the artists aesthetics and beliefs. But Momentum is also an anniversary of ten incredible and engaging years of working with visionary patrons and craftspeople all of whom have helped facilitate the development of true creativity into extraordinary works, and this show acts as a personal interlude towards future destinations.

Celebrating ten years since their inaugural show “Gloves For An Armless Venus” in New York, where the designers established the foundation for their visual language one where craft, industry and technology sits with the contextual, sculptural and avant-garde.

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