This is a unique lamp designed by Simon Frambach. The interesting thing about this lamp is that you can bring it to bed and sleep on it. With the light inside it, you can feel a warm sensation while you sleep. More description by Simon Frambach:

Soft Light is a soft and flexible lamp made of foamed polyurethane. The lamp is not designed for any place in particular, instead it may be used where it is needed. Due to its unusual material properties and ductility, it functions as a crevice filling lamp that can be placed between two objects or an object and a wall.

Emitting a warm and tangible glow, its surface invites to touching and literally feeling light. You can take it into your bed for late night reading, even lie on it like on a pillow. Its curvy fluent shape provokes an organic and familiar appearance for the thoroughly synthetic and industrialized elastomeric material. As a result Soft Light is a lamp which is extremely flexible in use without having a technical appearance.

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