This is a unique house designed by MVRDV. Maybe you already guessed what thing that makes this house unique. Yes! The facade. This house has several kinds of facade, from traditional brick walls to modern glass walls. The more awesome thing is that this house is located on the river Vecht in the Netherlands between Maarsen and Vreeland, a beautiful and wonderful land with the green and calming scenery. But not only the outside that looks wonderful, the inside too. You can see a lot of element joined into one great collaboration inside. The occupants can work in the elegant wooden room, or chatting with others in the interesting room with bricks floor. More description by MVRDV:

The Vecht area in the Netherlands, between Maarsen and Vreeland, consists of a succession of 17th-century country estates with country houses dating from the same period, strung along the banks of the river Vecht. A property was acquired by a family wishing to create a new house here. But how can one build a house worthy of this location? A house in the spirit of its historic neighbors (and complying with local planning regulations) while still distinctively modern: a new manor house.

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