A glass chair? I think it is OK to sit on it. A glass chair with cactus under it? I will think twice before I sit on it! It is really funny to think that a simple cactus makes us feel uncomfortable. But that is the fun, that is the challenge! It is designed by Vedat Ulgen from THISLEXIK using thick transparent acrylic sheets that make it transparent. You can find a planter under the seat where you can put anything you like, even things that are not plant. But the great part is it comes with 10 inch Barrel Cactus. And don’t you worry, the geometric shape makes this chair sturdy. So the question is, will you sit on it? More description by THISLEXIK:

The cast acrylic planes make the chair completely transparent. The geometric shape gives the chair its rigid structure. The initial fear of sitting on top of the cactus will keep them on the edge of their seat.

Comes with 10 inch Barrel Cactus.

Wipe Clean with damp cloth.

Materials: Acrylic and barrel cactus

Dimension: 23 W x 25 D x 29.5 H

Tags: indoor planter, transparent chair design, unique chair design,