This is a unique, colorful and beautiful pendant lamp designed by Storyboard Furniture. It has 12 identical curls of steam-bent wood in geometric position. These curls has two sides with different finishing, one with traditional soap finish and the other with spray paint which can be chosen from 100 different colors. This lamp looks weird but beautiful, a unique combination that will make your rooms look interesting. More description by Storyboard Furniture:

The Plane Cloud is a decorative pendant lamp shaped by a geometric play of 12 identical curls of steam-bent wood – reminiscent of the shaving curls off a well tuned plane.

The steam bent strips of wood have been salvaged from Toronto’s urban forest. A variety of wood species are used based on availability and suitability. One side of the curl is finished with a Scandinavian traditional soap finish. The other side is coloured with liquitex professional colour fast spray paint, which is available in close to 100 colours. Our production models will have white spun metal fittings, 8’ of white wire and a ceiling plate. All lamps will be ESA certified.

Photos by Jasper Savage

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