This is a unique clock designed by Duncan Hellmers. Blub has a unique and retro design that looks like an an amplifier with vacuum tubes. The time is glowing inside these “vacuum tubes” called nixie tube. The body is CNC machined from solid aluminum. This is a cool combination between modern and retro design. More description by Duncan Hellmers:

Designed and assembled in Australia, Blub is a modern desk clock which uses a ‘nixie’ tube display to show the time. Its unique appearance will allow it to fit in to today’s modern styling trends but still retain that sense of retro nostalgia and sentimentality. Nixie tubes were a popular method of displaying numbers during the 1950′s, 60′s and early 70′s and were mainly used in calculators and scientific equipment. Nixie tubes are made from glass and are filled mostly with neon gas. Inside each tube are a series of wire numbers from 0 to 9 which are arranged one in front of the other. Applying power to one of the wire numbers will cause it to become surrounded by a beautiful orange glow. The clock is driven by highly integrated electronics and complex firmware to control the settings, so it is modern retro on the outside and techy on the inside.

The body of Blub is CNC machined from solid aluminium, ensuring a high level of accuracy and surface finish, before being anodized for durability. All the electronics are assembled and tested by hand and run off a 12V wall adapter. It displays 12/24 hour time, date, temperature and has an alarm function. There is also a night time shut-off setting where the tubes can switch off at a chosen hour and then come back on again at a later time in order to save power (and to help you sleep if the numbers are too bright on your bedside table!).

The clock modes are easily changed using the two buttons on the back. Setting the time is much like setting the time on a digital watch (hold the mode button until the digits flash, then press the set button to cycle through the numbers until you arrive at the time you want, then press the mode button once more). The same goes for the alarm, date and other clock functions. Easy! Blub comes with a full set of instructions to make things nice and simple.

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