This is a unique and colorful collection by Ellinor Ericsson. Maybe you can see it immediately what makes this collection is unique. This collection, consists of chair and sofa, has backrest with colorful cross-stitch as the decoration. It was designed to challenge the question “Why does Nordic furniture design lack ornaments?”. The result is these sofa and chair with cute cross-stitch on the wooden backrest. More description by Ellinor Ericsson:

The X-Me Collection is a furniture concept developed by the question “Why does Nordic furniture design lack ornaments?”. In the project, nordic furniture design were compared to the adorned Rococo furnitures. The goal was to find a balance between the two different aesthetics, to bring the best from both. The result was a oversized cross-stitch ornaments in wool, and a braided birch wood construction in a couch and a lounge chair collection. The balance between purity of style and decoration, where the inspiration was the reverse; the construction materials are Nordic and the shape is rococo. The ornament is inspired by rococo but the cross stitch stylish Scandinavian. And the craftsmanship brings them both together.

Photos by Freddie Billqvist

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