Inflatable chair is an ordinary thing, most of us know someone who have it. But this ordinary inflatable chair has low seat position that makes it really hard to get up. Tehila Guy created this inflatable, but with extra wooden legs so it will be more comfortable. The idea is to create a flat pack furniture that easy to transport, assemble, and maintain, all at a fair price. You can see the video here. More description by Tehila Guy:

The inspiration for this project was flat packed furniture. After observing the field of flat pack furniture, I came to understand the pattern in the material and method of assembly used in these kind of objects.

I wanted to design a piece of flat-pack furniture that is out of the norm in a field that can seem fairly repetitive; while also making it easy to transport, assemble, and maintain, all at a fair price.

Though many today consider inflatable furniture to be “low design” and mainly used for outdoor use, I wanted to revive a design that in the 60’s was actually considered to be at the height of creative design. I’ve done so by combining the inflatable aspects of the design with a modern wooden structure, creating both a visually appealing and comfortable piece of furniture design.

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