This is a modular standing desk that will save spaces out of your workspace. StandCrafted consists of several modules that are arranged in vertical. This arrangement redefine how the traditional table works and change it into a more efficient way. More description by StandCrafted:

StandCrafted desks are designed to keep your work environment functional and minimalistic. We eliminate the traditional desk space by going vertical. As a result, the desk owner stays healthy, uses minimal square footage, stays focused on tasks at hand, and has a sharp looking work area!

With a wall-mountable approach soundly in place, the final Kickstarter design came after countless design iterations to ease manufacturing, improve functionality, increase modularity, simplify installation, decrease costs, and ensure long term reliability.

Most importantly, there are no fancy apps, no motors, and no malfunctioning embedded electronics. It’s simply a solid, great piece of furniture!

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