This is a smart concept by Design Develop. This concept allows the unused space behind advertising billboard transformed into a small house for homeless people. Even tough it is small, it comes with bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. From the inside you can see how modern it is. I myself will be happy to live in this house. More description by Design Develop:

project GREGORY

Phenomenon of homelessness has became an intensely global question during past couple of decades. Finding solutions to it is a complex task which involves coordination of skills in socio-psychological and administrative fields – to name a few. Priority of the Gregory project is to find optimal alternatives for existential questions of people without a home through the use of billboard objects and their advertisement spaces.

Cities are engulfed with rigid constructions for billboard advertisement which are expensive to put up, maintain and their subsequent renting is a costly venture. The Gregory project brings optimization to the construction of billboard structures in a way that the insides of these, after the extension, could be turned into a living space. Such an object would need just a minimal maintenance cost which could be partially paid through the rental of its advert space.

If we take the electricity cost needed for the billboard to keep it lit during night and we try to optimize it by x%, we find that this saved energy could fully cover all those interior usage needs.

This study of Gregory project is based toward Republic of Slovakia, for the city of Banska Bystrica, where the project would be easy to implement thanks to existing energy and water grids. However the billboard housing project is possible to apply anyplace, although its implementation must be proceeded by a complex study involving the search for an adequate place for its physical realization.

Partner reciprocity is focused toward firms and investors which would participate in realization or long term rental of involved advert space. They would be provided with a project logo, which they could place on their own companies web sites or other propagation materials with direct links to the whole project. The added value lies in an option to present ones company towards its peers as a place of social consciousness.

Gregory is meant as an “open source” initiative which is out there for interaction – (architects, designers, artists) who could come up with new construction and layout alternatives and freely spread them further.

Project Gregory – billboard housing – is build as a non profit platform and it will be available for each city/space without the author claiming any financial benefits from its usage. Visualization concept was created on the basis of constructive solution of billboards, that were simply optimized for creation of a living space.

Architectural study was focused on the optimization of billboard construction for creation of a living space. Construction is solved with wooden joists, concrete base, for facing is possible to use impregnated OSB boards, wooden or steel stairs and 2 windows.

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