When not used, it looks like an ordinary plank decoration for your wall, but actually it has hidden hanger and space. Designed by Zeitraum, HIDE & PARK is a simple wardrobe where you can keep your items such as wallet, mobile keys, cloth, etc. More description by Zeitraum:

Behind the simplicity of the wardrobe HIDE & PARK hide numerous possibilities. There are places for daily companions such as wallet, mobile, keys and even post and invitations, as well as for items of clothing. The functions – hanging from underneath and depositing from above – are here housed in the least possible depth. If there are no clothes are hanging, HIDE & PARK is no longer perceived as a wardrobe. The material of wood is in the foreground and is simply displayed in its most natural form. HIDE & PARK is impressive as a wardrobe in the hall, but can be incorporated just as playfully into many other room situations.

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