Qbico is great for your outdoor, it is simple, easy to use, and save some space when not in use. This furniture is designed by Marcello Cannarsa It consists of two module wedged between them to reconstruct the entire cube. More description by Marcello Cannarsa:

Qbico is a decorative element that allows you to have a stool and a small table at the same time, playing with two interchangeable modules freely positioned. It consists of two modules wedged between them to reconstruct the entire cube.

Qbico is a useful and elegant solution for outdoor, derived from the study of a cube that has been subtracted along the diagonals of the opposite corners. An object that employs the minimum sustainable material for a maximum result , exploiting the shape and monomateric wood which promotes recycling at end of its life.

Two Qbico modules may be used freely sitting on one of the three white sides. The idea is to create an object that is minimalist and essential when closed and unused, but it can take life when open showing the texture of wood during its use.Each module can have the function of a chair or table, used individually or together with other modules. Four cubes can compose a unique square table from which extract four chairs.

Qbico fits the needs of the places and spaces in which it is used, as well as private open space is designed for public places such as lounge bar, restaurants and swimming pools. For the small size and compositional freedom is ideal to management crowded spaces.

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