This is a unique floor lamp designed by Feltmark. It is a floor lamp, but not a floor lamp. Confusing isn’t it! This “floor lamp” doesn’t have a base, instead you can plug it directly into the wall socket. The plug is adjustable, you can rotate the lamp into horizontal or upside down position. More description by Feltmark:

Wald is a floor lamp stripped to its most essential parts, then thoughtfully reassembled as a versatile floor lamp to fit any environment aesthetically and literally. Incredibly light, the lamp is designed to be anchored to the wall socket without any additional support or base. Made and designed in-house, each piece represents a deep understanding in the connections between people, ideas and objects.

The quality in traditional craftsmanship comes from deliberate practice. Wald is an accumulation of years in practice of woodworking and bespoke manufacturing. Patiently & logically assembled and finished using modern techniques.

Precision bent aluminum is bead blasted to a fine texture similar to paper, then color anodized – a process that changes the microscopic crystal structure to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of the metal. Resulting in a beautiful deep finish that is durable and more wear resistant.

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