This is a simple but interesting stool designed by Davide G Aquini. This stool has seat that looks like natural stone such as granite and marble, but it actually a conglomeration of soft polyurethane. When you see it from afar, you will guess it is a natural stone. But when you sit on it you will be surprised that it feel so soft. With the minimalist base that is made from plywood, this stool is an interesting thing to have in your room. More description by Davide G Aquini:

Harsh and rigorous looking stools made of plywood are matched with a cushion that looks like granite, but is actually a conglomeration of soft polyurethane that perfectly simulates the stone. Only when sitting down on them will you discover that an uncomfortable-looking object may hide a comfortable and welcoming nature.

Marbled Stools is not what it seems at first glance, Davide G. Aquini deliberately lies in order to awaken a deep emotional response.

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