It is a carpet and a seat! Wobble-up is a graduation project by Sam Linders which offers two different way to use it. You can use it flat like an ordinary carpet or fold it to create a wobbling sitting spots. Another great thing is that you can change the pattern and color as you like. More description by Sam Linders:

‘Wobble – up’ shows flexibility and playfulness in a contemporary form for an adaptable living environment. These carpets can be transformed into 3 dimensional shapes to create wobbling sitting spots.

The ancient craft of traditional embroidery fused with the modern technique of mechanically punched plastic. By using blocks of color and highlighting the plastic grid the carpets are becoming fresh and playful.

The carpet can be endlessly multiplied as mosaic tiles to make it possible for the consumer to play with pattern and color.

One simple incision turns the carpet into a wobbling seat.
The carpets can be used in rooms with multiple functions.

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