They say looking at green color can relax your eyes, thus placing this clock in your room would be a great thing to do. Designed by noktuku, this clock is covered in real reindeer moss, yes real, which makes it looks interesting and live. Don’t worry, you don’t need to water this clock everyday because the moss used is preserved. More description from noktuku:

The idea to design this clock came after my old wall clock unexpectedly perished after a great party. Later after a thorough research I realized that nothing on the market will fill the emptiness on my wall. That’s when I made a first prototype for the Moss Clock. The thought to bring something colorful into white – typical architect’s interior space was quite natural and Norwegian reindeer moss did the perfect job! There is something transcendental and timeless about the moss.

The frame of the clock is entirely handmade of Baltic birch plywood. Wooden stripes of 1.5 meters in length are steam bent and have a laser engraved logo on the outer layer. There is a single connection line at the top of a clock’s ring to keep it visually seamless.
It takes about 2 kilograms of raw untreated moss to produce one clock. The moss is meticulously hand selected and only the very tops are used in the making. It is preserved and requires no watering. Think of it as a dried flower except for the sponge – like properties of the moss it stays flexible and squishy at all times.

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