This is a portable standing desk called Refold, a portable standing desk that is made entirely from cardboard. You can unfold it to create the standing desk and fold it to create a compact package that can be moved easily. How strong it is you ask? It can hold the weight of a person, amazing isn’t it? More description from the designer:

Refold is proud to present its cardboard standing desk.

100% recyclable and completely New Zealand made it showcases the perfect combination of innovation and environmental awareness.

This desk enables your lifestyle. It folds into a lightweight, compact carry case, allowing you to work and live the way you want.

The flexible, user-friendly design caters to endless applications. It could be used for offices, schools, creative studios, events, or even mobile offices and disaster relief. The desk is yours to decide how it can work for you.

The desk is designed to take everything you can throw at it, and then some. Capable of holding the weight of a person and made using durable 7mm thick, twin cushion, kraft cardboard, this desk will last!

Weighing only 6.5kg’s our design adds a new dimension to hot desking and fluid workspaces.

The portability facilitates a modern workflow, allowing flexibility and aiding collaboration. It enables project teams to assemble a unique collaborative working environment in minutes and adapt it to their needs as they change.

As the desk folds beautifully away into a self containing carry case it is the perfect space saver and allows easy storage.

The design folds and slots together in less than 2 minutes, using four main pieces, with no tape or glue.

An enjoyable user experience is at the centre of our design process. This has resulted in an assembly that on the surface may appear complex, but in reality is intuitive, memorable and incredibly simple.

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