Designed by Fyodor Lazariev, this simple-looking lamp was inspired by spider with its eight legs. But instead of looks scary, this lamp looks modern and amazing. It was made from plywood parts that can be assembled easily. You can use it as a pendant lamp or a table lamp. More description by Fyodor Lazariev:

Lamp-cage made from flat plywood parts which assembly in a box joints without glue and outlines remind a spider. It can be used as pendant lamp, and also is placed on a floor or other horizontal surfaces as the decorative lamp. The constructions of a protection of a bulb has sides and can be established in three positions on the verges .As a source of lighting the glow lamp with E27 screw is used. The wire in a textile braid of different colors is used. The lamp can be executed in different sizes, and colors. Further it is planned to let out modification with joints on sides for joining of separate chandeliers in volume structures.

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