This is a great chair for your kids. Designed by Roman Bentley, Aepe chair allows your kids to play with it in the flat form and or sit on it in the chair form. To transform it from flat to chair is easy, just fold the arms and lock then into place. Each color has its own fantasy character, a princess, a warrior, a wizard and more. Your kids will have a lot of fun with this chair. You can see the video here. A Little description from the designer:

AEPE products are designed to enhance and accessorize any home or environment. It allows you to think how existing solutions can be re-invented, shaped and innovatively transformed with out of the box vision.

As a new design start-up based in the heart the fantastic City Of London, our mission is simply to inspire a new generation of designers and innovators to push the boundaries of design by providing our world with a new approach to design. New materials, advancements in technology, and the ever increasing demand for forward thinking is the driving force behind what we do.

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