The Duchess is a classic and elegant pendant lamp that was made from unusual materials, marble chips and Swarovski crystal. It was designed by mammalampa by combining the rough natural marble chips with beautiful Swarovski crystal into a classic semi-spherical form. When this lamp is lit on, the light will shines trough the crystals and creates a beautiful sparkling effect. More description by mammalampa:

The Duchess undoubtedly possesses her own discrete charm. Her belonging to the highest circles is confirmed by her refined decoration, which is entirely handmade from Swarovski crystal. The Duchess is characterized by an eternally classical semi-spherical form. However, the material from which it is formed is surprising – various manifestations of stone. In this lamp, the rougher face of stone – marble chips meets the elegant refinement of Swarovski crystal. Both materials on the lamp’s outer shell are masterfully combined, creating a unique texture. No two Duchess on earth are the same. Enjoy the Duchess’ constantly changing and elusive shine!

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