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Can you see how amazing this floor is? It was created by Imperial Interior for any room you want, not only bathroom or toilet. You can choose the design from With a huge collection op pictures or maybe use your own if you want. With this 3D epoxy floor, you can bring the nature inside […]

I was amazed when I saw this vase for the first time! It sure looks very beautiful like real waves on the sea. It was created by Kela’s Glass Gallery in detailed design. You can look how realistic it is with the water, foam, and bubbles in beautiful combination. Even without flowers this vase still […]

This is a sink by Gore Design Co. that will looks beautiful in your bathroom. The sink has erosion pattern that no two sink have the same pattern. With the white clean color, this sink is an elegant and beautiful piece for your bathroom. More description by Gore Design Co.: The Erosion Sink is a […]

Need something unique for your walls? Or maybe you want a simple room divider that will looks great everywhere. Why don’t you try making it based on this wall in Aspen Art Museum? Designed by Shigeru Ban Architects, this wall is made from mailing tubes that is cut, coated, and assembled into a wall. You […]

The Tree is a unique sculpture made from special Corten steel and designed by Landelijk Wonen. The rustic surface creates a natural-brown color like areal tree. When the night is come and the light inside The Tree is turned on, it will looks like a magical tree from a fairy tale, mysterious but beautiful. More […]

This is a unique dish dryer designed by Silvia Arroyo Melis. Maybe it looks simple, but it sure looks interesting too. Now you can have beautiful mountains in your kitchen. More description by Silvia Arroyo Melis: Mountain is a modern and functional dish dryer. It is a compact design planes with different spaces to drain […]