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The PowerFall is a decorating accessories for pool designed by Zodiac Pooclare, a big company specializing in production of various swimming pool equipment which offers a lot of products to make a swimming pools’ care and decorating more easy.

Custom made wall art is a great choice to decorating house, the owner can easily choose right style for the rooms and have the chance to match the decor instead of searching the things which can find in the stores and trying to match it into the room.

The Horizon Wood Sculptures designed by a wood sculptor in Victoria, Dave Hogg. The Horizon using re-purposed wood as material, a beautiful sculptures that eco-friendly.

Designed by a Canadian design studio, UrbanProduct, the Dune Wall Treatment are made from local materials such as concrete, wood, or ceramic. Each tile has 8″ square and rise 1″.7/8ths from the applied surface.

The Rye Straw Screen is Another Limited Edition piece of screen by farm21. This screen made from panels of laminated rye straw in resin and acrylic, used as a space divider or sculpture in its own right.

The color of house is important to makes the house looks great. It is not only choosing a great looking color, but also choose a right color and paint to maintenance. Here is some facts about the paint chose for a house painting project.