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Stylish Fruit and Plant Storage Ideas for Kitchen

This stylish storage especially designed to store fruits and tiny plants with a beautiful organic shape. This kitchen storage ideas designed by Mans Salomonsen, combines the elements of decoration, storage, and cultivation for the kitchen and the kitchen window. It will fit to any fruits and plants while decorating your kitchen. Cocoon can suspended and […]

Modern Faucet Design Formed like Penguin

These faucets are modern faucet series that have form like the body of a penguin. The design is showing how funny this faucet, but still keep its elegant design. Finished in chrome, it designed by SustainableSolutions (SSi) to conserve water and encourage eco-responsible living. It dispenses water at a rate of 1.5 GPM. These faucets […]

Brown Facade Design Ideas in Modern Style left view

This is a modern house facade colored in brown designed by Luis de Garrido. The design is very stylish and modern made of wooden and concrete wall. This modern facade will provide a full privacy for the owner. Here are some photos of this modern facade design in brown color.


The Tree placed on National Museum of Singapore, designed by FARM. It designed to be a huge old Banyan tree that sits majestically on the museum’s front lawn, create an atmosphere of a place full of histories, stories and magic.

The Sculptural Sound Modules has unconventional shapes which allow dedicated sound composition or a simple music selection to be focused, projected, diverted, constrained or widened in order to re-design the sound experience of a human habitat. It esigned by Architettura Sonora to excite and re-design the acoustic perception of space.