Based on nowadays situation where people become close to someone who live far away but create a distance with someone who live close to them, Stephanie Langard created this outdoor carpet where people can gather together to make them closer. Just imagine sitting together around the fire in the night, telling our story to the others, laughing together, what a lovely night. This carpet will be great to bring your friend or family closer. More description by Stephanie Langard:

Historically the television was conceived to transmit information and entertain, but above all to gather neighbors around a single point, to create a bond.

Nowadays, new technologies have isolated members of the same family, of different age groups while they live under the same roof. However, these new technologies have permitted us to forge other bonds, other networks in a vast space making our world an even smaller place. At a time where nuclear families are struggling to come together in order to spend quality time with one another, I wish to explore the notion of forging bonds and gathering around quite a primitive element: the fire, like going back to basics. In the very idea of forging a link, and well before involving the final users, I mix up the expertise, disrupt the usual traditional production methods and blend the craftsmen together for the duration of a project.

Beyond the final product, it’s the pathway travelled together, hand in hand, which nourishes my creative approach. In this project, everything works well together to illustrate the bond, emotion, light and heat.

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