This is a lighting project by Subinay Malhotra that taking inspirations from various form of nature. For me, it looks more like a stone from the moon. This light using LED as a light source with wireless technology that allows the light to be controlled from your phone. Moreover, it has a built-in Bluetooth hard drive that allows you save your data secretly and wirelessly. More description by Subinay Malhotra:

A lighting design project conceptualized in order to compliment natural material and technology. taking inspirations from the nature various forms have been created with reference to technology and form. Low on power consumption LED has been used along with wireless technology to provide a unique user experience long with being interactive and playful. Some of the interesting features of this lighting design idea includes potability, light weight gypsum, multi utility and extendible.

An important feature that makes it different form other existing products is that the same lamp form can be used as a ceiling, table and a floor lamp using the latest wireless technology. The lamp can be operated using an app and there fore the opacity variates using various different features from the app. It is made up of light weight gypsum and steel extension minimal rods that can extend easily. The light has an inbuilt Bluetooth hard drive in order to save your data, being wireless. On the whole the light conceptualized is green, technologically sound and provides a whole new user experience when it comes to multi use. There can be various other possibilities when we think about this lamp as customization is one aspect taken into consideration for today’s world.

The natural material used compliments various interiors and helps contrasting with the most of the furniture.

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