Need something to put your messy things somewhere and hide it? A plastic box or maybe a cardboard box? But I think it will make your room even uglier. But worry no more, because this modular storage unit will keep your things in a pretty way. Lino was designed by Stefano Visconti for Formabilio, made from wood fiber and comes in different colors and materials to choose. You can stack it in straight or curve position. More description by Formabilio:

It’s time to say goodbye to those ugly plastic storage boxes and dusty rattan baskets. Why throw your things into containers that in turn you’ll need to hide or that make you turn up your nose, placed in that corner in the living room? Lino is the first modular storage unit that complement your existing home furnishings and hide your mess with style! Fully customizable with its basic elements of MDF, roomy and colorful, Lino has a clean design that makes it perfectly fitting in every room of the house. You can use it in the living room as a magazine rack or as a container for toys in children’s room, place it in the home office or even in the laundry room. A cool and funny to compose furniture, easy to decompose, model, according to the changing needs of the whole family.

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