This house is designed as a harbor of thoughts of a free life. It can stands on the ground as a house or floats on water as a houseboat. Designed by Jerry Koza and Adam Jirkal from S.A.D. Studio, PORT X will help you to enjoy your life. More description from PORT X:

It floats on water. It stands on the ground. It’s a house. It’s a houseboat. It’s an original piece of tech design combining wood, laminate and curves, from the architects Jerry Koza and Adam Jirkal at the S.A.D. Studio. It is a harbour of thoughts of a free life. PORT X. It defies all deeply rooted notions of a house or houseboat. The curves are inspired by the idea of living hedonism – the motto ‘enjoy life’ is apparent in every detail of PORT X.

In addition to jack the classic definitions of living, PORT X provides housing placement virtually anywhere. On the water, on land and in places where it is not possible to implement conventional construction, such as protected areas but also in geologically complex areas that allows conventional construction.

With high-quality processed natural materials and shapes, PORT X will play dialog with any of the surroundings. “Everyone should enjoy the place where They are,” says one of the authors of Adam Jirkal. “The building of establishing contact with the environment, the port is low over the water or terrain, the front adds a nice brightness, while the rear natural intimacy,” says the author of it the next Jerry Koza. Words such as “flexible” and “independent” is associated with PORT as inseparable as the ending of “X”.

PORT X is composed of individual modules and so it can grow with the requests of the owner, change their structure and form. It will respect you and your family. Children need more independence? There is no problem from your port to separate a room from it completely and become independent from the original dwelling. Their needs grow, they want more space? You can easily extend their PORT X.
Independence may not only have the form of separate rooms. PORT X allows you to get rid of the need to connect to the electricity grid. The building offers the possibility of placing solar panels, windmills, but the water tank – and if its only the houseboat, also toilet independent of the connection to the sewerage system.

If you like colorful life, you donĀ“t have to be worry about getting bored living in PORT X. His abode is modern, you can move from place to place. PORT X will not tie you forever to one land, one perspective. Conversely, it can move with you and your perspectives and preferences. “From the city straight to the slopes of the mountains to the lowlands, in the picturesque village, on land or water – these are your options from which you can choose whenever you want,” Jerry Koza calculated. PORT X simply moves where you will be happy.

PORT X is in some sense the future and return to the past. While the city is mostly formed in the vicinity of rivers, PORT X moves the balance back. Your life therefore is able to move on to the river, near the water, therefore the most natural environment on which life itself emerged.

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