Designed by MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY and Ammar Eloueini for an apartment they made in France, this unusual staircase has handrail that was made from Corian®. The steps are less than 1″ thick on the bottom and become thicker and thicker as they go up. This creates an impression that each step becomes more firm and solid as one moves up. The same idea also applied on the Corian® handrail. The bottom part looks lighter while the top part is more solid and opaque. More description by Ammar Eloueini:

An exploration of dematerialization in architecture was a source of inspiration for the staircase in the Dickens apartment in Paris. The massing of the stairs uses the logic of a solid and firm ground at the top and thinner, more ethereal massing at the bottom. The first step is less than 1″ thick and flexes when a person steps on it. As one moves up the stairs each step becomes more firm and solid.

The same idea was carried out with the Corian screen that functions as a handrail and visual separation between the main living space and the stairs leading to the master bedroom. Based on a computer generated script, the pattern is more solid and opaque at the top and gradually dematerializes towards the bottom of the stairs. The aesthetic quality of the screen references ornament and its typical presence in Haussmannian Parisian apartments.

The Corian screen design also refers to notions of beauty concerned with ideas of the incomplete and unfinished. Like in some Eastern philosophies such as Wabi Sabi in Japan, the idea of imperfection and lack of finitude were a source of inspiration for the way the Corian screen was conceived and implemented. The relationship between the Corian screen and the steps was designed with the intention of creating an imperfection, and having this imperfection be a source of beauty.

Integrating oak and Corian together in this staircase allows it to bridge the two materials of the floors it is connecting. Oak was utilized for the underside of the stairs to reflect the existing wood floor in the living room on the lower level, and the upper face of each tread is finished with Corian to provide a transition to the Corian floor of the master suite above.

Photos by Christian Richters

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