Designed to be a solution for current Chinese land policy, this house based on the minimum space people need for basic indoor movement , such as sitting, laying and standing. Micro house is designed by Studio Liu Lubin using glass fiber reinforced plastic as the main material, gives a light but strong character to the building. Its unique form is designed to act as a combination of furniture and architecture elements to accommodate all kinds of housing activities. You can resting, working, washing and cooking, etc inside this house.

The Micro house unit can not only be used as single- functional room, but also can be grouped together as a housing suite, or even residential cluster.The main material of the Micro-house is glass fiber reinforced plastic, which is light but strong. In this case, the Micro-house unit can be easily lift and assembled by hand. For the convenience of transportation and replacement, the size of the unit is designed as the size of containers.

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